☞ return of el gato loco ☜

My friend “the duke” recently returned from his trek through the grand canyon and left a marker.This gato loco would like to remind you to flush .gracias paul℗


☞ there is always room for dessert ☜

Being the bit of the sweet tooth that I am, I had to indulge myself. Dessert rings for everyone! I can make any flavor with lattice too. These guys were a big hit at the patchwork festival in long beach. Definitely stay tuned kids, more to come.

☞ kitty is still hanging in there ☜

✎ Mai’s kat is quite the diligent worker.

☞ lord vader still reigns ☜

chris vader

the long vader

the Dork Lord!

Some examples of the 100 artist pieces for the vader project. They worked with replicas of darth vader’s helmet and gave it their stylized touch. they were put on display before auction…join the dark side.

♥♥ Mad Love Season ♥♥

Watercolor and Pen

Submission for the Crosby for Trifecta Tuesday 5/18/10!

—Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival—-✂

The patchwork indie and crafts festival will take place in june,so this will take place in santa ana and Long Beach.There will be many handmade goodies,really talented people will be there.I will be @the long beach patchwork indie and crafts festival,please stop by and say hello! I’ll have many of these crafts and more.

Hang in there kitty

just chillin'!

"Follow me on my adventures!" The top image is a sketch that lead this sticker.My hope is everyone will stickm everywhere and report back with a picture.Mr.kat will make more appearances in the future...stay tuned kids!